Four acorns are sent by their mother

Four acorns are sent by their mother, the oak tree, to “conquer” a mountain devoid of vegetation its a family forming from many years been ruling so you four also do it. One of the acorns is exhausted by the trek towards the mountain, so it stops along the way to hitch a ride with a frog crossing the river on a leaf. When the acorn reaches the other bank, however, it realizes that there are still many obstacles to overcome on the trail to the mountain and so decides to set its roots in the valley. While the forlorn acorn grows with difficulty at the mercy of the forces of nature, its three brothers grow into sturdy oaks on the mountain. Thanks to the help of a friendly bulldozer, the lonely acorn manages to join up with the other members of its family, and together they sprout into one of the most verdant oak forests ever seen.The moral in story which gives message as If acorn still patient some what then it will reach at the goal path and along with brother’s but at the last position Giveup and to set roots in the valley.
well writer has been not skip any episodes of “The Great Nature Book” as everyone knows mostly likes to watch a moral stories and author from childhood only started to pick a good morals.Well the great nature book appears in the Sahara one channel episode kids programe of the Just Kids in the year 1999.He recently shared in his twitter timeline.